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How is HOOVER SELF STORAGE helping Hoover?

Helping the Hoover School System is the main objective with our new program, Hoover Helping Hoover. Any school official, teacher, student or parent who rents a self storage unit will receive a 10% discount off the regular rental rate. We will also make a donation to school P.T.O. of that person's choice. This donation will equal 5% of each month's rent paid for as long as the person rents the unit at Hoover Self Storage. There is no cap on the amount we will donate. For example: if the rent collected each month is $200, we will donate $10 each month to the school P.T.O. of your choice. All you have to do is mention "Hoover Schools" when you rent the unit. This program will be mutually beneficial to the Hoover School System and Hoover Self Storage.

Also, we have the same mutually beneficial program set up for the Hoover Police and Fire Departments, the Hoover Library and Recreation Center, and the Hoover General Fund. We have been in business in Hoover for 28 years and the City of Hoover has been good to us, so we want to be good back to Hoover. Thank you for your support and we look forward to our continued successful partnership with Hoover.

Tameron Hyundai & Tameron Honda

Fellow Citizen and Community Business Leader:

In order to promote good corporate citizenship in the City of Hoover, Tameron Honda and Tameron Hyundai would like to extend an invitation to you, your company and your employees. The Hoover Helping Hoover program is Tameron Honda's and Tameron Hyundai's way to reach out to its community and its businesses during the ever changing economy.

In addition, we cannot overstate the ecological benefits that are achieved by replacing high polluting, less fuel efficient vehicles with those that burn less energy. Both the Honda and Hyundai lineup exemplifies that ideal of environmentally friendly commuting. To this end, Tameron would like to extend a mutually beneficial offer to your organization and its employees.

The Hoover Helping Hoover program will allow you to purchase a new, fuel-efficient Honda or Hyundai from Tameron Honda and Tameron Hyundai at only $300 over cost. To show our own support for our fellow businesses, Tameron will return that $300 per vehicle sold to any internal program of your company's choice, such as recruiting, corporate community funds or similar corporate citizenship activity. All that we ask is that you convey to your employees Tameron's commitment to them and to your own corporate vision by asking them to participate in this employee purchase plan. In doing so, Tameron will extend a warm and hospitable atmosphere for your employees to purchase their new Honda or Hyundai.

After nearly forty years as a corporate member of the Hoover community, the best award we can achieve is the continued faith of our client base. We happily look forward to funding your efforts in the program you select. Collectively, we can foster an overall increase in community confidence, as well as strengthen our ability to conduct business in this changing economy. We thank you for your support and look forward to our continued success.


Barry Butts
Tameron Honda and Tameron Hyundai

Hoover Print Company

Hoover Print Company is excited to be a part of the new Hoover Helping Hoover program! As a participant in this brand-new effort, Hoover Print will provide a 5% discount on any of our services, and will donate this 5% to the City of Hoover organization that you designate the library, fire department, police department, or the Hoover school PTO of your choice.

Let Hoover Print Company help you meet all of your printing and marketing goals and objectives. Mention this program and receive 10% off your order!

Visit us as www.hooverprintcompany.com, or call us at 822-0593. We thank you for your continued support of Hoover Print Company, and we enthusiastically look forward to the new Hoover Helping Hoover program, and to our continued successful partnership with the residents and the City of Hoover.


Chick-fil-A Patton Creek, Hoover Commons & Riverchase Galleria are proud to be part of the Hoover community! Since 1986 and the opening of our first Hoover store, it has been our desire to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with us. We desire to enrich our local community and it is our pleasure to participate in a variety of ways...Chick-fil-A partners with 10+ neighborhood schools donating character-building curriculum and classroom reward cards yearly. We support local schools, teams, churches, clubs, and organizations throughout the year with donations , incentives, meals, auction items, carnival and event prizes. We honor teachers with special encouragements. We provide the Hoover library with summer reading incentives and fun Cow visits! We offer meal discounts to our uniformed policemen & firemen. Vacation Bible School certificates and Upward sports player rewards are another way we encourage our local residents. Our Hoover community is invited to themed Family Fun Nights, school Spirit Nights, Daddy-Daughter date nights and other in-store events throughout the year. We are participating members of the Hoover Chamber and support local Hoover businesses. Thank you, Hoover, for your support!.


MoveDaddy is a full-service moving and storage company based in Hoover. Since our start in 2011, we have given back to the community, and MoveDaddy is proud to be a member of Hoover Helping Hoover. We are extending our commitment to the community by donating a portion of a customer's move who mentions "Hoover Helping Hoover" when booking their move. Customers choose one of the City of Hoover organizations they want the donation to benefit - the Police Department, Fire Department, Library, Recreation Center, School System and Hoover City School Foundation are all options.

MoveDaddy offers the following:

Climate and Non-Climate Controlled Storage Options

Please contact our office at 205-208-0100 if you have any questions or would like to schedule your FREE estimate.

Always at your service,


Zeekee Interactive

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